Who is FoxGuard?

FoxGuard Solutions develops customized cyber security, compliance and industrial computing solutions for critical infrastructure (CIKR) entities and industrial control (ICS) system vendors.  As a leading operational technology company we deliver reliable, secure and configurable solutions that include:

Cyber Security and Compliance Solutions: Assistance with patch availability, applicability, acquisition, validation and deployment, CVA and AVA, NERC CIP regulatory compliance programs, system hardening for control system devices, research & development services, engineering services and field implementation services.

Industrial Computing Solutions: Turnkey computing solutions for mission-critical applications designed to fit a customer's intended use, expected lifecycle and desired price point. In addition to providing hardware platforms, we provide a host of value-added services that truly make our computer products “plug and play” ready.


perfectfitdiagram.jpg Is FoxGuard right for you?

If you seek a cyber security, compliance and industrial computing partner with deep roots in the power industry, FoxGuard is the perfect fit.


FoxGuard Supports Leading OEMs & Vendors

FoxGuard Supports Leading OEMs & Vendors

FoxGuard Solutions partners with industry-leading control system vendors to provide customized patch management solutions and security offerings for their customers around the world. By working directly with OEMs and vendors, FoxGuard is able to maintain representative test equipment in a secure lab environment for validation and factory acceptance testing. 


FoxGuard works with GE Measurement & Control to support GE's ControlsCare Services with its Cyber Asset Protection (CAP) Software Update Subscription. For facilities operating GE control systems, a CAP subscription delivers monthly patches and updates, antivirus signatures, reports, and documentation to aid cyber security and compliance efforts.


FoxGuard also works with a large energy generation control system vendor (who wishes to remain unnamed) to increase their customers’ cyber security posture and meet NERC CIP compliance requirements.  FoxGuard has collaboratively and successfully implemented the DisPatch ProNet, Access Management, and SIEM solutions at several large energy utilities. These programs has been well received by this vendor's customers and auditors.  



Patch and Update Management Program

GE_FoxGuard_Cyber_securityFoxGuard Solutions is developing a Patch and Update Management Program through a cooperative agreement with the Department of Energy (DOE). This program will simplify the patching and updating of industrial control system devices, reduce the time required to maintain patching and updating, help utilities more easily adhere to NERC CIP requirements around patching, and ultimately lead to a safer grid.